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James Potter. 18. Gryffinfor Alumni. Pure-Blood. Order Member. FC: Aaron Johnson. OPEN.

"If I observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere."

Occupation: Front lines fighter, attack organizer. 

{Positive- Intelligent, Devoted, Confident}
{Negative- Troublesome, Careless, Impulsive}


James Potter has always had a political mind. He took after his father greatly, not only in his physical appearance but also the way his mind worked. He often made impulsive decisions, and acted before he thought. Throughout his Hogwarts year, there wasn’t a professor, student, or faculty member who didn’t know his name. He was famous around the school not only for his good lucks and pranks, but also for being known as the boy who would stand on top of the tables during breakfast, and start ranting and yelling about the government and corruption. He and the other Marauders were inseparable. 

Right as graduation neared the corner, was when everything fell apart. Once Lord Voldemort infiltrated the ministry, and took over it was months before anyone knew it. He made his debut clear when he and his followers marched threw the doors of Hogwarts, and began public executions of any students who’s parents tried to revolt against him. James Potter was one of the students who they tried to execute, and if it weren’t for his Quidditch practice running late they would have. After they left, they assumed the students would flee but Dumbledore managed to secure it as a refuge. Alastor Moody was there the second he could manage to arrive, and recruited James first under the Order of the Phoenix. 

James was stunned to see that Lily Evans was amongst the survivors, but he didn’t try to pursue her. Not after everything that has happened, he didn’t have the time to chase someone who would never love him the way he loved her.


Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew- James can never be seen without at least one of these guys by his side, especially Sirius. They’re his brothers, willing to do anything for them in any sort of situation or time of need.

Lily Evans- After years of trying to get the girls attention, James has finally waved a white flag and resigned from fighting for her love. Every now and then, he still pesters her or tries to grab a second of her attention.

Severus Snape- No one can really know the true reason why James has a natural hatred for the Slytherin, maybe because it’s Snape’s previous friendship with Lily, maybe it was because he simply was an easy target for James. One thing people do know, is when the two cross paths, you know it’s going to be a good fight.

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